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Selecting Subject Modules

For Summer 2024: KLIPS portal open 29.02. - 19.03.2024


How to choose your Subject Modules

You have to register the Subject Module(s) of your choice via Klips. Each term, Subject Modules are offered in blocks of 7 weeks, either in the first or the second half of the term. Please select your modules as follows:

  1. Login into KLIPS 2 with your smail account.
  2. Select the modules you are interested in, 3 parallel modules for each period. Please note: One of your final two modules has to be a BiochemicalSM
  3. Express your preferences (1=highest to 3=lowest priority).

If in doubt check the online KLIPS tutorial, contact software support or

Registration will be confirmed via KLIPS at a fixed date some time after registration ends (e.g. 3.4.'24).
Please note, that although we try to assign top priorities first, it is not always possible.


During the lecture-free period

(26.02.24 - 31.03.24): MN-BC-SW – Scientific Writing, Suckale

Subject Modules in summer term 2024

Weekly throughout summer term Monday 8-10 AM + Conference in summer (22.-26.07.2024): MN-BC-HT - Hot Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Suckale

Subject Modules expected in winter term 2024/25 (descriptions of 23/24)

Weekly throughout winter term Tuesdays and Fridays 8:15 - 9:45: MN-BC-ABMM - Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Suckale