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The Biochemistry Institute

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  • Simulation of a mycoplasma cell with a membrane in green, cytoplasmic proteins in blue, and DNA in yellow. CC-by M Maritan.

    Life is made out of cells - take a deeper look.

  • The corona virus in purple emerges from a blue/green cell. NIAID

    Learn the biochemistry needed to fight the corona virus.

  • Bacterial DNA on the left is tightly packed with other cell machinery and its motor in green. Goodsell

    Bacteria rule the world we don't see - understanding their biochemistry is key.

  • Red blood cell left surrounded by yellow serum proteins. Goodsell

    Biochemistry gives you the close up view of your body.

  • The DNA helix over cells with painted chromosomes. Zephyris & Fields

    You are written in DNA - crack the code.

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The Institute of Biochemistry currently comprises seven research groups working in the areas of molecular neurobiology, peptide-based transport systems, redox biochemistry, structural biology and lipid metabolism, and plant immunity.

We belong to the Department of Chemistry and are associated with the Department of Biology, collaborating closely with both in research and teaching. Our physical location is close to the center of Cologne (see map to the right).


Obituary Lars Splittstößer (* 29. November 1970, 1. May 2023)

On the first of May, the Institute of Biochemistry unexpectedly lost a valued member when Lars Splittstößer suddenly and much too early passed away. With great sadness we moan the loss of a much-valued colleague. Lars, who had been working as caretaker at our institute for a long time, was the contact person for anyone who needed his help. We miss his friendly character and very engaged work. The Institute of Biochemistry will always honour his memory. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family, especially to his wife and children.

Traueranzeige Lars Splittstößer   (* 29. November 1970, 1. May 2023)

Fassungslos und traurig müssen wir den Tod von Lars Splittstößer bekannt geben, der am 1. Mai 2023 plötzlich und viel zu früh verstorben ist. Mit ihm verliert das Institut für Biochemie ein hoch geschätztes Mitglied. Lars, der seit langem als Hausmeister an unserem Institut arbeitete, war der Ansprechpartner für alle, die praktische Hilfe brauchten. Wir vermissen ihn und seine engagierte, freundliche Art und werden ihm stets ein ehrendes Andenken bewahren. Unser aufrichtiges Mitgefühl gilt seinen Angehörigen,  seiner Frau und seinen Kindern.