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Upcoming speaker

Oct 11, 2023: Ina Huppertz, MPI for Biology of Aging

The Huppertz group utilizes the metabolically dynamic system of pluripotent and differentiating stem cells to elucidate the involvement of canonical and non-canonical RNA-binding proteins in regulating the cells' metabolic rewiring. For this purpose, they use genetically encoded metabolite sensors and combine them with well-established molecular biology-based and biochemical assays in addition to high-throughput screens.

Oct 18, 2023: Irene Vercellino, ERC Jülich

The Vercellino group aims at deciphering the atomic structures of mitochondrial membrane protein complexes, as means to elucidate their mechanisms of assembly and function. To this end, the lab makes use of  state-of-the-art biochemistry , cryo-EM and computing methods.


Nov 08, 2023: Oliver Kensch, Bayer Protein Engineering Unit Wuppertal

Nov 29, 2023: Ralf Erdmann, Bochum